Happy New Year!

What’s Up With Niños del Lago in 2022?!


January 2022

A new year has begun!! Along with new challenges to be tackled in this new year of 2022. We would like to share with you what Niños del Lago has been up to during the past few months and what is coming ahead:

Journey back to the forest!

We resumed our traditional “Journey to the Forest Program”, working with children to help them express their emotions due to the pandemic. We invited around 150 children from the months of July to November 2021.


Spreading joy!

Reopening the Journey to the Forest camp has been a huge success. We have received a long list of requests from many different organizations that have witnessed the positive effects our camping experience has on children.


Creating memories!

A very significant Camp Day was working with disabled children. Although this involved certain challenges and person-to-person attention, it ended up being one of the most heartwarming and fulfilling new experiences for us. Please consider helping to support Niños del Lago so we can offer more memorable moments for these special children.


A New Educational Program!

A new “Stay in School Program” will offer after-school classes in both, Logical Mathematical thinking and Reading and Comprehension, focused on developing these skills in children.
We are very happy to share we will start in March 2022. Please help us provide this important educational program.

Guatemalan Fundraise

A Celebration of Arlaine’s Life

We also wish to share with you the great success of our 1st Annual Guatemalan Fundraising Event. A fantastic amount of $5,700 usd was raised and we wish to say a huge big thank you for the amazing support from the Guatemalan Board and all the many other people, near and far, who donated their time, effort, artwork, skills, and resources. We are already looking forward to another event later this year.

USA Fundraise

Journey Back to the Forest

The USA Board held a virtual Fundraising Event, Journey Back to the Forest”, after a year of not being able to do so due to Covid. We wish to thank all those who supported and participated in this event.

Netherland Fundraise

Traditional Gala

Unfortunately, with much pain in our hearts, we have to conclude that in 2021 (once again) our traditional Netherlands Gala Event could not take place.
The Netherlands Board team has been leading the creation of a fantastic and fresh new website. It will be in three languages and is involving the work of three teams from the Netherlands, Guatemala, and the USA. We are looking forward to sharing our new website with you very soon.

The sad death of our founder and former Executive Director, Arlaine Cervantes, has given us renewed courage to keep the flame of the organization lit. A flame that began with a spark and a dream, and which we very much plan to keep alive. We are working hard to continue to develop and diversify this dream in order to benefit Guatemalan children.


Although the support we have received to date is wonderful and very much appreciated, we still need to ask you for your contribution and participation.
Please consider donating to Niños del Lago to help us keep the flame of hope and inspiration of Guatemalan children alive. Please also contact us to find out other.

Very best wishes,

Claudia Rincón Cano
Executive Director


Help us to help!

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