“Inspiring the dreams of Guatemala’s Children”

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged Guatemalan children to fulfil their potential, become positive agents of social change, and empathetic future leaders, through an educational, creative, cultural, and motivational forest camp experience.

Our Vision

 A Guatemala whose children are inspired and
empowered to become positive change makers and
empathetic future leaders.

Our Pillars

To achieve our mission and vision, Niños del lago relies on four pillars, which are the essence on which we base our programs.


Helping children to become aware that continuous and diverse learning is present in all aspects of our lives, and is applicable at play, at school, at home. Learning improves our quality of life.


Reinforcing the knowledge and appreciation of their own culture, as a basis to open their panorama to other ways of living.


Stimulating children’s ability to see, observe, devise and invent new ways of seeing the everyday, as an ability to transform their environment.


Empowering children while encouraging them to create achievable goals through study and continuous learning.

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