Inspiring Guatemalan Children to Transform their Lives for a Better Future

Our Pillars

Niños del Lago is built on three pillars or “building blocks,” which form the foundation of the organization.



Stay in School Program

We help children to become aware that continuous and diverse learning is present in all aspects of our lives, and is applicable at play, at school, at home. Learning improves our quality of life.



Healthy Food Program

It is wonderful to know that all of our children receive nutritious foods for snacks and lunch during their tutoring classes. This approach ensures that they arrive at school without hungry, which not only meets their basic needs but also improves their ability to concentrate. 

Community PROGRAM

Community PROGRAM

Social Involvement Program

We encourage children to create achievable goals through study and continuous learning; using motivation and their self confidence to achieve what they set out to do.

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Visit our office in Panajachel

Callejón Cho’cinta, Barrio Jucanyá, Panajachel, Sololá, 07010.

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