Camp Program

Journey to the Forest

“Every child had the right to rest, relax, play, and participate in cultural and creative activities.” 

Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 31

Do Guatemalan children enjoy

their childhood?

Guatemala registers 59.3% of habitants in poverty and extreme poverty (10 million habitants), which mainly affects the indigenous-rural population, with children being the main affected. The departments that present the highest poverty rates are Alta Verapaz and Sololá, with percentages higher than 80%, (Manuel Villacorta, 2018).

With the actual panorama around the world, to make any effort to support the emotional development in the childrens is essential to broaden their minds to recognize opportunities to improve their lives, because “the child also deserves to enjoy their childhood”, to be motivated to reach the maximum potential by recognizing and managing their own emotions.

What is the plan?

Journey to the Forest invites vulnerable and disadvantaged children to be part of an expansive, inspiring, and exciting mentoring experience. Each activity is designed to educate, encourage, stimulate, and empower while providing a safe environment for children to develop a sense of self-esteem, self-determination, strength, and the resilience to overcome difficult personal circumstances, that are sometimes challenging.

Emotional Support

The emotional support and development of Guatemalan children is imperative. The global pandemic has resulted in multiple traumatic factors affecting many children. These sometimes cause a change in their behavior; a change that they often do not understand and do not know how to manage. Journey to the Forest helps to teaches them to recognize and acknowledge their feelings and emotions, and to provide a safe space for them to be able to express and understand them.

Help with emotional development in Guatemalan children is something every child deserves. Ninos del Lago is grateful to all their supporters, so they are able to deliver the important benefits offered by   Journey to the Forest.

We can’t do it without you!

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