Stay in School Program

“Every child has the right to an education [and] should be
encouraged to go to school
to the highest level possible.”

Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 28

Why are kids dropping out of
school in Guatemala?

Before the pandemic, less than 50% of children continued on to secondary school (USAID). Although enrolment numbers often appear good, many children never complete the academic year. Either the children drop out, or they are unable to graduate their year and so cannot move up to the next grade. This is due to many different factors, for example: child labor (Guatemala ranks fourth in Latin America (ENEI 2018)), economic factors, and low school performance.

Edwin Caceres, a local teacher, explains: “In rural communities every memeber of the family es seen as an economic contributir”.¹ He is now seeing more and more school-aged children having to work in the fields to help their families.

Niños del Lago realized the urgent need to encourage Guatemalan children (and their parents as well) to not only stay in school and graduate, but also at least reach the minimum required academic results, sadly too often children are well below their grade level at the end of each year, so end up with them having to repeat the grade… or dropping out!

Stay in School Program! will be an extra curriculum activity offered to local children who will be identified as needing extra tuition in Math and Reading and comprehension.

What is the plan?

To encourage children to stay in school, improve their performance, to achieve the academic level needed to be able to graduate to the next grade.

The approach for Ninos del Lago’s three projects (see below) is to help improve the integral development of the child, encouraging critical thinking and a way to enjoy the vital academic skills of math and reading. The last project is aimed to help the teachers’ skills and provide them with tools in order to address this more holistic approach to their teaching methods.

How we do it?

Niños del Lago will be working with local public schools, parents and teachers in order to find those children most in need, and also to connect with teachers who are interested in improving their teaching skills.


“Our goal is to help children who are struggling with math, through a tutoring according to their age and school grade, with the aim of helping them to better understand and enjoy this vitally important subject, as well as develop their mathematical logical thinking.”


“To provide teachers with new teaching methods and tools to improve their teaching skills and thus help their students not only to successfully complete the academic year, but also to do so with productive mathematical logical thinking and efficient reading and comprehension.”


“We will concentrate on those children finding difficulties with their reading and comprehension, not only is the aim to improve the skills needed to pass this subject at the end of the year, but also help the children discover the joy of reading and the fun in critical, creative, and investigative writing.”

Important note

Unfortunately, due to COVID protocols, this program will not be able to start until government regulations allow closely working with tutoring classes for elementary-level public school children.

We believe our STAY IN SCHOOL PROGRAM is a worthy cause that will help many children who will need tutoring in math and reading and comprehension to reach their development.

Niños del Lago trusts your support to continue this program to generate substantial benefits for Guatemalan children, who now more than ever need our support, especially in the area of education.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.

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