A Special Day in the Forest with Disabled Children 

We have been very blessed during the year 2021 because we have been able to continue working inviting children to live the Journey to the Forest camping experience.

Although we have had to adapt to the current times, we have also had the honor of meeting and working with other groups and organizations, such as the leaders of the Community Development Committees and the Municipal authorities of Panajachel, through the SOSEA department, which is made up of the Municipal Office for Women, the Municipal Office for Children and Adolescents and the Municipal Office for Disability.

We want to express our gratitude to Mrs. Lucrecia de Piedrasanta, Mrs. Lucrecia Castro, Mrs. Lorena and Lic. Evelyn Cosme, representatives of the Municipality of Panajachel for all the support in the coordination and selection of participants for this camp.

Municipal Office for Disability

The outreach we had with the Office of Disability turned out to be one of the most memorable camps of 2021. I want to share the unique and moving experience that was our first Journey to the forest camp for children with disabilities.

For this first camp for special children, we have the participation of 8 children, some with reduced mobility, cognitive or sensory. On that occasion we prepared 8 volunteer teenagers, who were the personal companions of each of the children, together with the entire team of Niños del Lago, which included 3 mentors, 3 helpers, 2 cooks, our kind guardian.

We were all deeply involved in creating a unique environment that would leave special memories for the children: each memory would put a smile on their faces and leave a beautiful imprint on their hearts.

We welcome the children with a very special breakfast, followed by various activities, such as making their own piñata, creative painting and a play of a story, performed by the Niños del Lago staff, where we involve our special guest, after which we had a celebration of everyone’s birthday with a delicious cake and a traditional and colorful piñata.

The activities were carefully adapted to suit the children and their individual abilities. And what a memorable and fulfilling day it was to see the children so animated and loving being surrounded by the forest and working with the teachers, volunteers, and mentors.

Following the positive feedback from all involved, NdL will be working hard to be able to offer more such days for this childrens.

Please consider helping us to be able to bring our Journey to the Forest Camp program to even more Guatemalan children.

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