What is Niños del Lago?

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Niños del Lago is a non-profit organization that works to give Guatemalan children the support, tools and experiences they will need to care for themselves and for Guatemala’s future, through an inspirational forest Camp experience.

Our Camp is close to Panajachel, where we aim to provide hope and opportunity to vulnerable Guatemalan children through an annual educational and mentoring experience at our camp overlooking Lake Atitlán in the beautiful Guatemalan Highlands.

When the site is fully operational, 9–12 year old children will stay for a period of a day through to up to a week-long visit each year in a safe environment. They will relax, eat well, and gain valuable and positive experiences through games, creative activities, as well as encouraging learning and self growth. One of our important aims is to encourage the children to say in school, as sadly so many Guatemalan children drop out before graduating from 6th Grade.

Niños del Lago’s camp is a special place that nurtures self-respect, self-awareness and cultural pride. It is a place where children are empowered to carry on positive traditions and learn new ways to help their communities, their country, and our planet.

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