Our team

Our international team of varied individuals is based across Guatemala, the United States and the Netherlands:

Lauren Woodham Roth – USA Board Member

Lauren is thrilled to be part of Niños del Lago’s U.S. Board of Directors.

José Byron Gonzáles – USA Board Member

“I have recognized Niños del Lago’s potential for empowering and fundamental change for future generations…”

Nancy Morales – USA Board President

She received her B.S degree from Chico State University in International Relations, Latin American Studies and Spanish.

Andrea-Marie Stark, Founding Board Member

Founding Board Member

Andrea-Marie has been a volunteer for Ninos del Lago since the start of the project, serving in many different roles, from writer to fundraiser.

Alison Asturias Kelly

Past President of U.S. Board

Alison discovered Niños de Lago (NdL) through a budding friendship with the director and founder, Arlaine Cervantes. She spent several years supporting the project by developing NdL’s La Cadena, a network of schools and institutions that serve disadvantaged youth in Guatemala.

Arlaine Cervantes

Founder and Executive Director

Niños del Lago was founded by Arlaine after being profoundly moved by the hardships suffered by the women and children she met in Guatemala.

Marten Numan


Having worked with Niños del Lago since 2008, Marten became the Chairman of the Dutch board in October 2011.

Bill Conlon

Past Treasurer and Founding Board Member

He retired in 2014 after 35 years service as a teacher and high school principal. Bill plans to keep busy with home improvement projects, art, and special projects in his local community.

Tim McNitt

Web Hosting Specialist

Tim McNitt keeps our website and email running. Through his company, Acies Communications, he has been hosting our website since 2006.

Team NL

The Dutch team forms the backbone of our fundraising efforts and always help drive the project forward. They are:

Team Guatemala 2018

The team in Guatemala focus on the daily running of the projects, development of the programs and the overall direction of all of Niños del Lago.

Team Niños del Lago USA

With the largest Guatemalan population outside of Guatemala itself, the US board is based in Los Angeles, California. Their focus is on fundraising and spreading the message.

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