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school bus arrivingTo date, we have succeeded in creating a model for change that will dramatically change the course of the lives of some of Guatemala’s vulnerable children.

We have received three groups of children (100 children in all) at our forest camp to test every stage of our four-year program.

The results were very positive: the children were deeply engaged and many did not want to leave our peaceful forest nor separate from their kind, supportive Mindful Mentors. The children experienced a profound, positive impact upon their lives through their experiences with us.

Victoria – “I’m happy to be at this camp, thanks for having us here. I don’t want to leave because I feel good here. I love you so much, thanks.”

Daily – “I loved being with Niños Del Lago as they paid attention to us and prepared lots of games and took us to many areas like Santa Catarina and I am very grateful for that.”

Rosita – “I think you have shown in Niños Del Lago that you love me. I know that you made a great effort to accomplish all that you did.”

Noel David – “I would like to come back to Niños del Lago and have the chance to come back every time so we can share other moments together, just like you shared your time and love with us during these 4 days.”

Odalis – “I feel very good at Niños Del Lago because I like the cabins, the place and above all the forest as the trees and flowers give us oxygen. Because of this, we must take care of the forest, all the plants and trees, let’s care for the trees and the whole atmosphere.”

Alicia – “Being strong doesn’t mean that we don’t have fears; but we have the necessary strength to face them. We are always capable of everything, nothing is impossible.”

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