New Programs





“Every child has the right to an education [and]

should be encouraged to go to school to the

highest level possible.”

Article 28: Convention on the Rights of the Child

Niños del Lago realizes the urgent need to encourage Guatemalan children to not only stay in school and graduate, but to reach the minimum required skills in both math and reading according to their grade level. Sadly, too often children are well below their grade level at the end of each grade.

Our goal is to provide tutoring classes twice a week for local children.



“Children have the right to the best health care,

clean water to drink, healthy food, and to live in a safe

and hygienic environment. All adults and children should

have information about how to stay safe and healthy.”

Article 24: Convention of the Rights of the Child

Health Campaigns

To search for alliances with private organizations to provide children and their families access to basic medical care. Niños del Lago will provide the Camp facilities for the medical teams to stay, provide meals, and support the logistics of the program.

Our initial goal is to accomplish 2 health campaigns a year.


Hygiene & Nutrition Campaigns

This would be a follow-on to our Food-Aid Program. We would seek to provide nearby families, especially the women and children, information, support, and invite them to join workshops about hygiene and nutrition habits.

Our initial goal is to accomplish this campaign 6 times a year.



“Children’s education should help them fully develop

their personalities, talents, and abilities. [] It should help

them to live peacefully and protect the environment.”

Article 29: Convention of the Rights of the Child

Nursery Program

To develop a nursery of native trees in the camp, taking advantage of the seeds provided by the trees already here. We will aim to create alliances with private and government organizations, to support this project with the appropriate supervision.

Our goal is for this to become a permanent campaign.


Reforestation Program

To improve reforestation in the Sololá department area and specifically around Lake Atitlan in the caldera, providing indigenous trees through alliances with private and government organizations. We will involve schools to join the process of planting trees as a way to help build strong commitments to their community and to also respect and protect their environment.

Our goal is for this to be a permanent campaign.