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“Access to technology and materials necessary to continue studying while schools remain closed is notably unequal. Similarly, children who do not have enough help to study at home have little means to facilitate their education. It is essential to provide a diversity of
educational tools and expand internet access for each school and for each child.”

UNICEF (June 2020)

Why is the Internet so important?

We have been in contact with schools and community authorities in Panajachel and San Andrés Semetabaj to learn first-hand about the needs that have arisen as a direct consequences of the pandemic.

These are the main challenges:

  • The high cost of internet service making it unavailable to low-income families.
  • Only 27.36% of homes in urban areas and 3.52% of homes in rural areas have internet. (Population and Housing Census, 2018)
  • Education during 2021 will be a big challenge for the poorest communities and villages where there is little or no electricity and internet access.

As a result of all these challenges, Niños del Lago has decided to implement the Keep Studying Program! for 2021.

Niños del Lago will focus on creating FREE Community Internet Centers in different locations of Panajachel and in some villages in the rural area of San Andrés Semetabaj.

To operate and organize the Community Internet Centers, Niños del Lago is working in partnership with civil associations, community leaders, public school principals and local authorities.

These community centers, depending on the particular needs of each area, will support primary, secondary, high school, university students, and teachers who are in the public education system.

Niños del Lago has opened six Community Internet Centers, three of them in Panajachel, and another three in rural villages of San Andrés Semetabaj. We hope to be able to open more centers in rural areas; we are just waiting for the internet service providers.

We expect to reach 800 students and teachers in urban areas and up to 500 students and teachers in rural areas.  

We believe our KEEP STUDYING PROGRAM! is extremely important as it will help those children who most need access to the internet during the challenging 2021 school year.

With the generous support of Niños del Lago donors we will be able to continue, and possibly expand, this Program and help Guatemalan children be able to continue studying and graduate at the end of the school year. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.

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