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El Nido

Current project – please donate!
The heart of the forest site, El Nido (the Nest, currently under construction) is where the children assemble, eat and play.

El Nido houses the dining hall, kitchen, play terrace, staff room, bathhouses, medical facility, laundry and safe-storage areas.

Children’s cabins

Current project – please donate!
Children will stay in clean, comfortable and colorful cabins during their stay at the forest camp.

Designed to charm and delight, they each accommodate 12-16 children and two mentors (in separate rooms).

Three cabins are completed and three cabins are under construction. More cabins will be built in the future.

Solar-eco center

This building will house the plant nursery for the organic garden. Children will use it to clean the vegetables they have harvested for today’s meals.

Solar panels on the roof will supply the whole forest camp with clean power.

Biodigester waste-treatment plant

Organic waste is converted into fertilizer for the camp’s gardens.

Playing fields

Formal and informal play areas allow the children to enjoy their free time.

Outdoor amphitheater

Children will create their own stories and plays to perform in this beautiful space overlooking the canyon and lake.

La Tienda

Children who succeed at tasks and their roles will be given tokens that can be spent in the camp store on things such as baseball caps and gifts for their families.

Screened game room

A break room with comfortable seating and a fridge will give the children somewhere to relax and play games such as checkers, backgammon and table-tennis.

Organic garden

A huge variety of plants and vegetables will be grown in the garden. The children will plant and harvest them themselves, learning practical skills they can use at home.

Small animals farm

A cow will provide milk for the camp. Chickens will provide eggs. Other animals will also help children recognize the value of all life and learn to respect the source of their food.

Tree house village

An adventure play area will allow the children to explore and get a little dirty!

Bunk houses

The adults who help support the children at the forest camp, such as drivers, chaperones and NGO partner workers, will be able to stay in these bunk houses when the children are at the camp.

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