Niños del Lago works to develop insightful, mindful children and youth who will care for Guatemala’s future.

At Niños del Lago, we dare to envision a Guatemala where the majority of the children that graduate our four (4) year program will become positive role models, empathetic future leaders in their communities and change- makers.

The majority of the old models for change are outdated and no longer vital; in order to cause real change, we need to think out of the box and innovate.

Now is the time we need to make hard choices, be creative, take well-planned risks, listen to our hearts and devote our passion to creating programs that result in offering vulnerable Guatemalan children a better more positive future – we begin by teaching children to be mindful, demonstrating to them the potential of their minds and the power of empathy for themselves and others.

Kindness, compassion and empathy are principals that guide both Niños del Lago and the children into the future -- values and principals that will cause dynamic positive change in the world we share.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our vision with you.

Team Niños del Lago