Our Trilogy of Powerful, Integrated Programs

Journey to the Forest

At our six-acre natural forest facility, overlooking Lake Atitlan, in the beautiful Guatemala Highlands, Niños del Lago provides an ongoing, educational camping experience through a unique mentoring and Mindfulness program. Each activity is designed to educate and empower vulnerable children so they may grow through new experiences and develop confidence in their potential to lead successful lives.

La Cadena NGO (Link-Partner) Program

The children we serve through our educational program come to us from a network of more than 30-35 Guatemala-sanctioned, NGO-sponsored public schools operating in western Guatemala, where they provide education for thousands of Guatemala’s vulnerable children.

International Volunteer Mentor Program.

Through links with Guatemalan and international universities, we will receive Spanish-speaking students who will live and work alongside groups of 6-8 children to provide strong mentors and role models.