Green Development, Practice, Sustainability

The Niños del Lago camp facility has been developed with a focus on green systems and incorporating ways we can conserve our six-acre natural forest for generations to come and teach our young campers, the staff and members of the local community the value of keeping it GREEN.

We have installed a biodigestor waste-treatment plant and organic toilets in the children’s cabins, constructed a large multi-purpose solar building to support the 13-panel on-grid solar-electric system and the recycling/composting center.

Future plans include development of a large organic kitchen garden and cultivation of the 11 irrigated avocado trees that were planted in 2009.

Since a large number of children who attend camp at Niños del Lago have never before had a chance to connect with animals, as part of our weekly children’s program, we be installing a Petting Zoo complete with a milk cow and calf (for petting), rabbits for holding and chickens (for eggs)

Natural, Sustainable Architecture

We’ve designed our camp and facilities to blend into the natural forest environment and appeal to both children and adults alike through a balance achieved by pairing playful and colorful elements with organic and industrial materials, resulting in simple function and a charming appearance.

”Soft” organic materials such as palm fronds, rattan, cane, adobe bricks that we make on-site and the local river rock from the valley below, are paired with industrial materials for economy, sustainability and strength to withstand damage from natural disasters, flooding and earth tremors. The El Nido building has been designed to withstand serious earthquake damage up to +7.0 on the Richter Scale.