Building the Future

The Niños del Lago children’s program will change lives and help build the future for thousands of at-risk youth.  Here are other innovative ways we are working for the future:

Careful, Conscious Forest-Site Development

With care and conscious development of our 6-acre natural forest site, including Green practices and development, we help the local environment and ambiance. Green Development, Practice and Sustainability

Responsible Social Enterprise Plan for the Future

Our business income model is in-line with the philosophy of (responsible social enterprises) practices for a sustainable future.

The Niños del Lago Journey to the Forest children’s interchange program will help bridge the communication and opportunity gaps between privileged and at-risk Guatemalan youth.

.Our job-training program and hiring procedures for neighbors in the local San Andreas Semetebaj community will help build the future for the village as well as for our close neighbors in nearby Panajachel, Lake Atitlan.
Our Responsible Social Enterprises

Site Construction and Development

Since 2004, after our 6-acre forest site was acquired, we could only progress as quickly as our donors and volunteers could provide.  Now, nearly eight years later, as more and more people have joined us, momentum has increased and in January 2012 we began construction of the El Nido building that is at the heart of the camp and that will be a place of permanence, refuge, nurturance and enlightenment for thousands of children over the next 10 years and for generations to come.
The Story About Site Development

Equipping and Supplying Our Camp