Our Volunteer Architects and Builders

2004 – Robert Hassell and Phillip Van Horn from Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, using our topographical survey, created a preliminary site plan.

2006 and 2008– Marten van der Breggen from Utrecht, Nederlands made corrections to the topo survey, designed the Guardiania/water storage building and finalized the site plan.

2009 – Nuño Jimenez from Panajachel, Guatemala designed future duplex cabins for handicapped visitors, designed the formal camp entrance structure (attached to the Guardiania), and supervised its construction.

2009 and 2010 – Natural architect Aura Aguilar from Mexico City worked to build the COB bodega, planted the avocado orchard, and supervised construction of the camp river-rock roads, six duplex cabin foundations, the completion of one children’s cabin, and the preliminary design of the El Nido building.

2011 – Landscape architect Laurie Sager with her team from Ashland/Medford, Oregon, USA investigated natural drainage, created and set out the camp circulation plan, designated playing fields, site of tree-house village and designed the bridge connection between the Creative Mind Center and the El Nido building.

2011 to present – Volunteer architect Antonio Andrade in Panajchel, Lake Atitlan has been working on the design, construction drawings, costing of the El Nido building and he is currently supervising the construction of the El Nido building while he continue to work on the design of the Creative Mind Center all other ancillary projects including the playing fields, children’s ampitheater, game room and bunk house.

2004 to present – Local Mayan contractor Pedro Javier Castro has been responsible for construction of 90% of our site development to-date. Because of his diligence, integrity, expertise and dedication, we’ve grown to depend on don Pedro in myriad ways.